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6 - maidenhair tree

Ginkgo biloba

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Accession Number: 2012-3162*A

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TOUR DETAILS The maidenhair tree (also known as ginkgo), the oldest living tree on earth, has survived for over 230 million years ago and thrives today as one of the world's most resilient and dependable street trees. Its distinctively fan-shaped leaves are both beautiful and instantly recognizable. In autumn, the streets are decorated with the yellow masses of ginkgo canopies, adding a bright hue to the palette of the city. From ancient times through today ginkgo leaves, seeds, and roots have been used medicinally to improve memory and circulation, as well as treat asthma and bronchitis.
ACCESSION DATE November 12, 2012
(When this plant was acquired and registered in the database)
DATE LAST MEASURED January 31, 2023
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An illustration of ginkgo leaves, fruits, flowers, and seeds.

A large ginkgo on Sansom Street, University of Pennsylvania.

The golden yellow leaves of the ginkgo in fall makes this tree particularly striking.


This multi-stemmed Ginkgo measures almost 90 feet in height, and is even taller than the Richards Medical Research Laboratories building beyond.
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