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At Penn, green space accounts for roughly 100 of the campus’ 300 acres. Parks play an important role for the Penn community and nearby residents by keeping them comfortable, healthy, and focused by providing a refuge from heat, pollution, and noise. They also provide essential infrastructural needs such as water catchment and filtration, oxygen generation, carbon sequestration, absorption of pollutants, the building and improvement of soil, reduction of energy use, and more. In a city, these parks and green spaces play an even more crucial role. Well beyond the dollar value that can be assigned to ecosystem benefits, there is untold value in the meaning and memories urban parks provide to countless students and alumni whose life at Penn would never be the same without them.

Penn Park (Gardens & Parks)

Penn Park is a 24 acre recreational space at the east end of campus, featuring playing fields, picnic areas, a multipurpose stadium, tennis courts, and walks woven within tree-lined lawns and meadows.

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Shoemaker Green (Gardens & Parks)

This 2.5 acre green is a welcoming open space for recreation and campus events. The green connects Franklin Field with the historic Palestra building and acts as an inviting and vibrant introduction to Penn’s eastward expansion, connecting seamlessly to Penn Park and the Schuylkill River Trail.

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Edward W. Kane Park (Gardens & Parks)

Kane Park, a green space historically linked to the University Museum, was built in 2012 to replace what had become a surface parking lot. The space provides a relaxing setting, especially for staff, patients, and family members at the nearby Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Blanche P. Levy Park (College Green) (Gardens & Parks)

Blanche P. Levy Park, commonly known as “College Green,” is located in the heart of campus in front of College Hall, our most historic building.

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James G. Kaskey Park (BioPond) (Gardens & Parks)

Kaskey Park, otherwise known as the Bio-Pond, is a cool, woodland oasis where over five-hundred trees thrive in the middle of the bustling urban campus.

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